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High End Lecture Theatre Control Systems
Classroom Presentation Solutions
Our lecture theatre control systems can enable users to make full use of your facilities without being technical gurus, a new user will know how to use the equipment without technical training. Simple presets can enable users to perform complex actions from single button presses, more complex menus will allow complete control yet still flow properly ensuring only relevant options are displayed. Easy to identify sources will allow laptops and external media to be brought in to lectures bringing the subject alive and maintain audience attention.
Preview AV Sources and Take Control of Presentations
Video windows on the newer touchpanels enable the presenter to view the source playing without turning away from the audience. On some touchpanels you can even set one source playing and then open a second video preview and queue the next source ready to seamlessly join the two together. Facilities like these reduce the stress of presenting and make the presentation easier to follow for the audience.
Centralised Lecture Theatre Support for Easy Management
Crestron RoomView software allows remote administration of many rooms. Rooms can be configured so they are ready when a lecturer enters the room and switched off at the end of the session. Lamp hours can be monitored to ensure that replacements are ordered ahead of time and support offered remotely. Please view our Crestron Media Presentation Controller or Crestron Commercial pages for more information.
Auditorium, Lecture Theatre & Conference Hall Seating
We are specialists in supplying and fitting lecture theatre, auditorium and conference hall seating. A huge range of products ensures we have a solution to every seating requirement. We can install seating in any environment and, working with our partners, have installed seating in cinemas, lecture theatres, auditoria and conference halls. Seating can be custom engraved to promote your brand image or to provide numbered seating for your customers. We also have lots of experience installing retractable seating - the ultimate flexibility allowing a room to have different uses.
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